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"Look, I'm a scientist first and foremost, but you can't deny there's an element of the unknown involved here."

RP journal for Dreamwave Jetfire, agnostic scientist who has learned that there might be more to reality than the natural laws of physics that can be observed. Jetfire has spent an extended period of time in the beginning of the war as a Decepticon, following Starscream (loyalty to this friendship also made it hard to leave) before he left to join the Autobots, unable to fully endorse Decepticon methods.

He was later on a mission with Countdown, Groundshaker and Omega Supreme to find Prime and the Ark, as well as to stop the spread of Decepticon forces. The mission split later, with Omega and Jetfire aiming to find Prime and the Ark.
They were drawn to a planet which exhibited a massive energy signal, all which ended with Jetfire frozen in ice after being buried by an avalanche. He was later (much, much later) saved by Starscream.

"Funny. We've been at each other's throats for so long, I almost forgot that we were friends once. Now that's all I can think of. Fighting with each other just doesn't seem important anymore... not now."

(A few short relevant physical facts; I have set Jetfire's height at 35 feet, using some of the measurements of the Macross Valkyrie (from which character design/toy is originally based) as guideline. He can reach around mach 4 in high altitude and at speed, but can, with his boosters on full thrust, reach planetary escape velocities. He's also a (space-flight capable) fighter jet, if a large one (by TF standards).)
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