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Oct. 11th, 2011 10:09 am
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You know how this goes (comments screened, etc)!

How do I drive the giant alien jet?

Please be gentle though.

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A question, before I commit myself to an experiment that others might already have done, and gained some results from.

We're... requested to make some sort of entry into these journals once every thirty days, approximately, less the substance that make up the etchings we all have somewhere on our, ah... bodies start to spread. We all know this.

Has anyone presently knowingly declined to make a monthly entry, drawn it out, for whatever reason? If anyone present has, or know of such an incident... what happened?

[There's a few minutes of pause, as Jetfire's hesitating over something, before he vents, and releases a momentary burst of static.]

And, I know that most of the staff are... displeased, presently, but I'd still like to ask if there's some way to get... er... drunk? if you cannot consume alcohol.

[He hadn't planned on giving in this soon, but maybe it would help... both (all?) of them.]
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[Cybertronians do not dream.

This alone should have been enough to wake either of them up.

As it was Jetfire dreamt of finishing the flight to catch up with Sunstorm, the battle seemingly lasting an eternity, as dreams perhaps do, but also confirming his theory of a binary-agent reaction.

And then...

He'd said something, the words forgotten as everything exploded and then its cold and dark again. Ice creeping up, holding him down and still but this time, he's not alone. That simple thought, realization, yanked him straight out of recharge and it took him several moments to understand that he's looking down at Starscream's helm.

"I got out."

That hadn't been said. Nothing had. He'd... he's not even sure what that was (lacking a concept for dreaming, and English wasn't coming to him at the moment, but whatever that was, it hadn't happened.

Despite this, he couldn't shake the dread, and raising one hand to lay on Starscream's arm just to see if he was there? Was harder than it should have been.]
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[While he's been a bit more careful lately about just using or switching to video in other people's entries, he's not going to do that in his own, especially not as this one starts off with a brief, but sweeping view of what very clearly is the library.]

... While I doubt I would find any information here that is in a familiar layout or format to any of us... If you have availed yourself of this library, was there any books that caught your interest?

I'm not particularly looking for... ah, fiction, but I'd take suggestions of such nature into consideration, too.

[Jetfire's not exactly paying attention to his journal, even if he's very clearly intentionally speaking to make an entry; he's more busy with frowning slightly as he looks over the shelves in front of him.

If you're actually nearby, feel free to come disturb the currently not so giant jet.]
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The influx of individuals is... interesting, especially since some of the regular inhabitants here says they have experienced a thing like this before.

[Jetfire hums, resting one hand against his lower face as he thinks, the quiet noise of an idling engine underlaying the more vocal humming.]

Either, as some of you have suggested, this means quite a lot of worlds were destroyed... but this brings into problem the time it would need to pick all these people up, and even if one gives allowance to the fact that multiversal destruction might nee dto travel with the speed of light, which means annihilation would hit at different points...

Still does not account for those who have been elsewhere first, and say huge influxes like these are unusual and are familiar.

[Jetfire is, once again, strengthened in his suspicion of this being merely a "mercy mission" so to speak. Then he pauses. Frowning thoughtfully at the page which is recording the live feed. He's uncertain how this will be taken by Particular People, but he's promised...]

Isabella, since the weather has started clearing and would, presumably, soon be getting warmer... Inform me when you would like to to go flying? Waiting a while yet might be for the best, depending on how well you handle wind-chill.

[Flying at speed (any sort of speed) ought to affect human... or near-human bodies negatively, considering air gets cold when you get a bit up and fly.]
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[Hi, Keep. Anyone in the corridor(s) near room 3169 will be privy to a buck-naked, seven foot even white-haired woman walking down said corridor muttering about conversion and disappearance of mass before she abruptly turns around to walk back the way she came, for the room she had just left, while opening the journal.

She'd just realized humans didn't tend to walk around naked. So that wasn't something she should be doing, then, even if she'd been doing it in pursuit of something to wear. And how come the journal had changed size to fit her like this, too?]

... Considering I have yet to see any of the organics around here walk around without some sort of covering, I assume that's not something one does, for various reasons.

Protection and warmth, for two, presumably. Skin really isn't adequate protection at most temperatures... Besides for a narrow range as far as I can extrapolate from biological parameters. Anything else? And if it's not usual to walk around... naked perhaps someone could find or lend me something to wear, since I was on the way to pick something up...

Ah, one more thing. Anyone has an estimate of how long this is going to last, if something like it has happened before?

[Good experiments always have a cut-off point at which it expires/you cease for evaluation, after all.

Also, the lack of comm. is highly annoying; she'd intended to contact Starscream since before she left, but she kept forgetting it. So she'll just knock on his door to see if he'll open, otherwise she'll check on him later... And just hope he's had nothing strange happen to him in the meantime.]
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[Jetfire's found his own sack of 'gifts', and while he's kind of grateful, he's also confused. Gifts? Just like that? One of them also had him extremely curious, but it didn't take long to realize that it was merely an extremely simple drone.

But that led to actually wanting to understand how it worked. Which led to this; the video comes on with Jetfire sitting in his room, turning some tiny bit of electronics around in his hand before he looks up.]

Was anyone else gifted with one of these... hm, fake-furred... "drones"? And if you're not amenable to keeping them, I am interested in them, if you'd be willing to part with yours.

[He's not sure what he'll do with them, but if anything, something could surely be done... or they could maybe be used as bases for something else. like spare parts, despite the lousy quality.]

... Starscream, stop that. I thought you weren't talking to me?

[Whatever the other Cybertronian is doing, and is doing in Jetfire's room, will probably go unanswered, as the video cuts when Jetfire closes the journal.]

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Dec. 22nd, 2011 12:38 am
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Designation: Jetfire
Allegiance: Autobot (previously Decepticon)
: Air Guardian/Booster-assisted superjet

Space exploration~ )Space exploration~ )
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[After helping Ironhide, Jetfire had went to get his journal. He'd merely intended to ask a question... But since he'd attempted to challenge himself again when it came to the absolutely dreadful weather, the image that pops up is simply of Jetfire standing at one of the entrances to the barracks, staring out at the snow, for several minutes.]

I... That is...

[He seems to zone out again, having stretched out one arm outside the protection of the doorway, watching snowflakes melt as they meet his armour-plating.]

... Has anyone been here... for long enough to have the data to say for how long this weather is going to last? Or, if not that... The experience to extrapolate how long this colder weather and snow could last..?

[He's not once looking directly into the journal, and his optics are dim, nearly offline. It's hard to say what actually turns the image off when it ends, but whether anyone replies to this, or comes wandering around the barracks, Jetfire is probably quite obvious where he's standing.

He's at least pulled his arm in against his frame, though the small pool of water on the floor would reveal he apparently didn't do it until he got quite a bit of snow on it.]
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[Shortly after this, Jetfire has been attempting to distract himself, having gone to the library but that's not exactly working, and all he can come up with?]

A question, if you will; what would be the difference between science and magic?

[He has accepted the possibility of more-than-natural... or supernatural/divine events, if barely, but that acceptance still doesn't explain a general question of what 'magic' could be in relation to known and quantifiable science.]

... Also, Starscream. Do you... have a moment?

[He's not sure asking this - no matter how interested he is in the answers - will be sufficient distraction, so he'll just go to someone he knows is good at distraction (if only to have all attention on himself).]
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[There had been a few distractions, but it was time to find out how restricted the airspace was, if it was. So here is Jetfire, standing on the edge of the Green closest towards the Barracks and staring at the sky, helm tilted back, arms crossed. Before he goes, though...]

//Starscream, want to come flying? I talked with someone earlier who indicated the sky isn't what it seems.//

[The comm sent and over with, Jetfire concentrates back on the sky again. It looks normal. It ought to be normal. But apparently it isn't.

Go stare at the jet, before or after he comes down?]

((ooc: Backdated to recently after his arrival, since I am slow...))
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[Jetfire apparently figured out the video-function of the journal very quickly, because that's what pops up; a view of someone white, obviously very large, and metal. As soon as he starts to speak, however, it's clear, for those of you who speak English, that he's not speaking that (or any other langauge mostly anyone here would recognize), so have a text translation.]

... This shouldn't even... ahh, right...

I'm finding the premise I'm supposed to accept rather improbable. The odds of even... ah, something divine having the time to construct a place of safety and then pluck someone... or even several, aren't even astronomical. I'd be generous if I said they were astronomical.

[Jetfire only has a faint frown on his faceplates, but his optics are narrowed and his voice heavy with disbelief. Amusingly enough, despite the science-oriented talk, the heavy blanket of disbelief lightens some on the word 'divine', even if there's a slight sigh accompanying it instead.]

Especially since even the assumption of a 'frozen-moment' would require unfreezing at any change of location, and thus even a pre-knowledge of the so-supposed "end" wouldn't be sufficient. Further, even with such a time window, that alloted time would soon run out.

[Does Jetfire enjoy science so much he wouldn't mind potentially talking to himself about it? Yes. He might also be slightly upset. Maybe.]

And since different universes would, by virtue of natural variation, obey slightly different rules, have slightly different outcomes... A single destructive event encompassing a possible multiverse... or even omniverse and completely wiping it all out is highly unlikely simply by virtue of these internal variations-- [The large, white robot seems to have run out of steam (so to speak) finally, as he drags a hand down his face.]

No matter what is actually going on... How and why am I over two-thirds shorter than I ought to be? [That should just not be possible.]

Also... [There's a deep, slow vent.]

If anyone else is here and has seen... or, ah, heard Starscream... Please inform me.

[There were many others he'd like to ask for, but, presently, this seemed to be the most... important. At least personally and for the general safety of any possible others.]
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